USIM Profiler

Automated and accurate checking of SIM data profiles

Checking and approving new SIM profiles is one of the more critical activities for a network operator. Today this is mainly a manual process given that the specifications for those profiles are in electronic formats that cannot be easily worked with.

However, profile checking is time consuming, and the scope for human error is large.

The impact of a just a single fault could be a huge issue for the operator once cards are in the field.

Quantaq have taken a fresh and novel approach to data profile checking: With USIM Profiler, you automate a lot of the process by making good use of your previously approved SIM profiles - benefiting today from all the time and effort you've already put into profile testing.

USIM Profiler works by automatically comparing the profile to be tested against a Golden SIM profile. The beauty is that this profile can be any pre-approved SIM with a profile similar to the card profile being tested.

The comprehensive on-screen report produced by USIM Profiler lists every difference between the profile under test and the Golden profile. This analysis covers file content, structure, access policies etc. You can then easily review each of the differences to determine if it there are valid or faults.

USIM Profiler operates with SIM cards from all manufacturers, so you can easily verify the profile is the same across multiple suppliers.

You don't need to use the suppliers' own tools any more for each vendor - USIM Profiler provides 100% independent analysis of all your cards!

Some of our customers even use USIM Profiler to see how their profiles compare with their competitors' products. An ideal confidence check that your own profiles have all the required files present and that your competitors have not got the edge on you...

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USIM Profiler available for you to try out on a free 30-day evaluation basis. We believe this is the best way for you to determine their value to your organisation. All of our evaluation products are 100% fully-functional.

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